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Regenesys was born, as but one response to re-assert what we believe to be architecture’s proper place in this scheme of things. We are a marriage of strong analytical thinking and technical expertise coupled with high levels of creativity, innovation and attention to detail. Through our practice we continue to make our mark in the global efforts to regenerate mother earth’s system to a state of natural balance cognizant of inevitable developments such as population growth and appropriate technological advancement.

Our approach

  • Consequently, we approach architecture as an integrated and interdisciplinary endeavour to facilitate attainment of a functional, comfortable, healthy, safe and transgenerational human habitat. In so doing we must apply a holistic and systemic approach covering both strategic and specific concerns in executing your projects.
  • Our view of architecture therefore spans all spatial scales from the region, whether rural or urban, down through urban areas, landscape and public space systems to buildings and interiors as well as architectural products to facilitate habitation of the environment, construction or usage of buildings./li>
  • Therefore, we view every project, irrespective of its scale and client category, as a unique piece of the puzzle comprising this organic continuum in which we offer an end to end architectural service.
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