Condominium Planning

Purchasing Condominium apartments is enabling many to own a home relatively close to the city Centre at an affordable price. This, among other advantages, are making condominium an attractive option to many an urbanite.

Regenesys boasts of people who have been among the pioneers in the preparation of condominium plans in Uganda and also practiced on the regulatory front, frequently offering guidance on the resolution of peculiar challenges related to condominium properties at planning stage, under construction, during registration and those already in occupation.

We are therefore well-placed to prepare well thought through condominium plans that comply with the spirit and letter of the Condominium Property and guide you through some of the critical issues to be considered in preparing the required bylaws for the future condominium corporation.

In case you would like to know more about the difference between building plans and condominium plans read our article on the same here.

Feel free to Contact us for condominium plans at any stage of development of the project irrespective of whether or not you have already obtained the building plans for construction or even erected the building.

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